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24*7 Tech Support in times of COVID - 19 - a necessity or a luxury?

Jun 11, 2020 12:30:15 PM / by Mrigen Pradhan

Customer Support is really important to us. We care. I care. As an organization, we try to constantly strive to improve our responsiveness, our tools and understanding of our customer base challenges and concerns.  We know some consider having a service optimization platform as a luxury. We view it as a necessity to operate a business today---same goes with 24 hour support during this time---a necessity.

I was thrown this curve-ball right at the outset, in fact…it had been two very quick weeks since we had transitioned to 100% working from home globally. The volume of Support cases were also on the decline as more and more regions and properties were reacting to the pandemic and sadly shutting down operations.

Rewind…..2 weeks prior when lockdown was announced, who could have even imagined 24*7 Support from home, and here I was thinking about whether we needed 24*7 Support at all or not? What was happening to my customer service compass? My justification for the thought of reduction was fair– (1) that is what the world at large is doing and (2) we need to be more cost-sensitive during these times.

However, no matter how hard I tried to convince the responsible one inside me, the more I felt during this unprecedented time….we….I… need to be available every second of every minute for our clients - for every little query, for every little issue they faced!

If they were reaching out to us during this time; I could only imagine how important that little query, that little issue they were facing would be for them. Waiting for a response until the next working day, was bordering on being ludicrous.

Swimming against all tides, we went ahead with our plan (which was in the pipeline since pre-lockdown days) of increasing Support staffing by 30%. However, with volumes down to almost 30% of what it used to be, this too seemed a little ludicrous.

But, the fact that it gave our clients the assurance that they could count on us on any time was far more rewarding than any other benefit we could have attributed to, if we had curtailed our Support operations. This was one cycle we did not want to break and we are proud we didn’t. 

As the world settles into the “new normal” and the Hospitality Industry slowly gets back into Operations, volume is on the up…The Knowcross ROI on the increased staffing is also on the up and truly on track.

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Mrigen Pradhan

Written by Mrigen Pradhan