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Are more regulations required?

Oct 7, 2020 10:58:12 AM / by Karen O'Neill

A few years ago in the US, state by state, we were notified of newly released staff safety button regulations and legislation that had started to be passed more aggressively. As the industry began to respond with the rise of new vendors, partnerships formed, positions communicated by large brands and forums like AHLA, we swiftly followed State protocol and embraced the requirement. I would like to think…and the facts dictate that the US hotel employees are safer because of it.

We are now faced with the recovery efforts and rebound of the hotel industry in 2020 and similarly, our safety—employees and now also guests are once again at stake.

In this unprecedented pandemic, I am not sure there is a “right” answer on cleanliness & hygiene regulations and compliance. This is a multi-faceted topic and as each week in quarantine passes-new information also emerges from around the world with different perspectives.

I can’t help but wonder, in the US-should we once again rely on legislation to help regulate the hygiene and cleanliness requirements for our hotels?

Would a crafted baseline requirement ensure equity and fairness for the small business owner in America who is not part of a brand that dictates and has access to the formulation of such requirement?

We have experts to call on from the American industry; Top Colleges and Universities, Organizations to leverage like the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control & Prevention. Let’s also leverage the wonderful, highly skilled and largest hotel brands that live and base their corporations in the US and could help in this formulation.

During the pandemic, AHLA also joined forces with Governors and mayors across the United States to insist on expanding face-covering requirements in indoor public spaces. A great start to again keep our guests and our hospitality employees safe. AHLA has also been focused on the approval of the HEROES and HEALS Act.

Vendors in the industry, including Knowcross have their heads down---earnestly working to release product advancements to dovetail these hygiene and cleanliness requirements and help the operation success of our hoteliers. We have the benefit of having a very large customer base with a global presence so we can learn in other regions what is working and what is “sticking.” Also, leaning on the experiences of those hotels who remained open in the midst of the pandemic to support front line health heroes while keeping their staff safe.

What I know at this point—we need reliability, education and openness to learn from each other. Let’s all come together for the safety of our guests and employees.

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Karen O'Neill

Written by Karen O'Neill