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Rethinking Workforce Management with UniFocus

Sep 9, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Nikhil Nath posted in Knowcross, Hygiene, Hospitality Trends, UniFocus, Hotel Technology


What’s next for how the industry gets works done? 

The hotel industry is going through a paradigm shift right now. COVID has changed this industry forever and customer expectations, employee expectations and investor expectations have all changed. For example, in many countries, the number of employees in the industry has declined and will probably continue to decline. Yet, with wealthier, more demanding guests, service delivery will be the key differentiator and without enough people, technology will become critical to service delivery. When I say service delivery I mean everything from a well maintained hotel to efficient and quick guest service, anticipating guest needs, and superlative housekeeping and food and beverage services. A hotel with technology powering its housekeeping operations, for example, will be able to provide a higher quality service to its guests at a far lower cost than a competitor without such technology. In our case, this power is not only the power of the best housekeeping optimization system in the industry but also the power of combining it with Unifocus’ best in class suite of staff forecasting and management software products.

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